Saturday, June 16, 2012

Daddy's on tour

Her Dad is the Drummer!

Last dinner together on Fresh's sunny patio..

Well friends, I am officially a single parent starting today until late night on July 3, about 18 days!!

  The Heavyweights are on their Western Canada if you're in Western Canada, or know of anyone out there, tell them to go see The Heavyweights Brass Band!!  They are opening for The Roots in Saskatoon on Canada Day, which is really really cool right?

Come visit Rowen and me (and Bax and Eileen too)!  We'd love the company! And if you're not afraid to entertain the  Rowen baby by yourself briefly, I'd probably love a few minutes to take a shower without sticking the poor baby in her bouncy chair on the bathroom floor!!

Also dinner company and strawberry donations are greatly appreciated and always welcome.  I will trade you for adorable Rowen giggle-squeals and ice cream dessert!

Check out the boys' EPK below!

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